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Free Certification Courses To Upskill During Quarantine

“If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop YOU”

One of the best ways to use this period is upskilling ourselves with knowledge. Doing certification courses helps us to improve knowledge, they become an additional advantage for resume. Its never too late to increase knowledge.

Below mentioned is the list of few free certification courses from Hubspot academy. It is quite useful for people aiming to grow in the field of Management, Marketing, Business Development, and Sales. You will be provided with a certificate at the end of these courses. This digital can be uploaded on social media, so it becomes an attractive point for the recruiter.


  • Social Media (10 lessons – 5 hours) 
  • Friction-less Sales (5 lessons – 1 hour) 
  • Sales Management Training: strategies for developing a successful modern sales team. (7 lessons – 4 hours)
  • Inbound (7 lessons – 2 hours)
  • Inbound Marketing (11 lessons – 5 hours)
  • Growth-Driven Design (7 lessons – 5 hours)
  • Sales Enablement (12 lessons – 6 hours) 
  • Content Marketing (14 lessons – 7 hours)
  • Email Marketing (10 lessons – 4 hours)
  • Inbound Sales (5 lessons – 2 hours)
  • Contextual Marketing (7 lessons – 2 hours)

Remember!! “The beautiful thing about Learning is that no one can take it away from YOU” All the best. Hope this article is helpful. I will keep sharing the information 🙂

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  1. It is very useful. Also thank you very much for publishing it. I hope it helps 🙂

    Keep sharing 🙂 Keep Growing. 🙂

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