Overthinking To Superthinking(Part-2)

It was during my bachelors, I realized that I am an over thinker. It was mainly because of all the exposure to new people, ideas and information about the social, political, economic and cultural events all over the world. In the following years my overthinking is the one which grew stronger.

There were times when it was so difficult to shut down the thoughts that I couldn’t even sleep. These thoughts were getting so strong that they started controlling my actions and behaviour around people. Then I decided to adopt a positive attitude towards overthinking and change my perspective.

I realized that I need to understand this part of my personality and to do that, I need more information or data. I started to observe the pattern of my overthinking; I dug deep and tried to find the origin of my thoughts; I tried to determine the nature of these thoughts, whether they were happy, sad, positive, negative, etc.  After all such observations I learned two things about overthinking.

Firstly the thoughts that emerge from overthinking are predominantly negative and these linger on your mind for a longer time and use a lot of your energy thus, making you feel exhausted and also causing you to lose your focus. Second observation was, almost all the thoughts of overthinking are false. These negative thoughts are like a defence mechanism which your brain uses to prepare you for the worst possible scenarios.

Once you know these two facts about the thoughts of overthinking, we move to the next step of changing our perception. As mentioned earlier we tend to look at overthinking as some form of villain which we try to fight and resist. What I do is – I embrace these thoughts. I tell myself that these thoughts are part of my personality. They are produced by my own brain and it is not my enemy, in fact it is my strongest ally so there’s no need to resist them.

So, now I have stopped resisting these thoughts, the next challenge is to let these thoughts flow. Do not interrupt. Dig deep and finish the thought. This definitely helps to calm down. However, it is not an easy job – it requires practice, patience and constant positive perspective towards your overthinking.

The final step is probably the most important part of forming a positive perspective towards overthinking which I like to call “Super-thinking”. Consider your overthinking as a super power and think of yourself as a superhero/superheroine. A lot of people tell me not to think so much but then, I think that I have a gift and want to use it for good.

You don’t ask Spider-man to stay on the ground due to fear of falling or you don’t ask the Flash to run slower due to fear of getting hurt. There is always a fear of failure but that fear shouldn’t hold you back from unleashing your full power.

There are other ways also to manage your overthinking like sports, exercise, listening to music, reading, watching movies, etc. but all these are temporary solutions. If you want to learn how to control your overthinking start by calling it Super-thinking.

Change your perspective. Treat your super-thinking as a gift and use it for good. Once you unleash your super-thinking, you will realize the power of your mind. All the best !!!

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1 thought on “Overthinking To Superthinking(Part-2)

  1. It is a brilliant theory which can transform the negative thoughts into positive mindset magically. Moreover, apart from this, when you start overthinking about something, ask yourself whether it is really required? If yes then go ahead and think deeply if not then leave it.

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