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YOLO – You Only Live Once !!!

I tried so hard but failed and my story starts here…

After completion of my class 10 with 95 percent – society along with relatives put me into an IIT coaching institute. As my parents were not educated and that to a middle class family from village, I tried my best cracking the exam, but failed.

After much struggle I have joined in a reputed college with a minimum fee by cracking their scholarship examination. I have tried my best in college but couldn’t get placed in any company through campus placements.

Now it has been a year for my completion of my graduation, but still I am in search for a job. It is not that I’m bad at subject, but things are getting worse day by day. Parents are getting old and I’m not able to stand for them.

After a hundreds trails, I literally lost my hope and decided to quit this world. When I made this decision, I was staying and sitting alone in my room. Then I heard a noise which was coming from our entrance gate.

It was a small puppy which was playing in front of my gate. I lost myself by watching how happy it is. Then immediately a query rose in my mind – why suicides occur in human beings very frequently and why not in other living creatures.

Yes we are different from them in many ways, we have brain that helps us master in everything. We have certain rules and regulations in our community regarding our priorities, but at the end we are also living beings whose basic requirements are food, shelter and clothes.

Animals don’t commit any suicides, right from birth to death their primary duties are to survive, fight for their life and to enjoy each and every moment. We are a way better among all the living beings, but my view was we are not.

From all the years passed till now we become victims for our own development. But not the other creatures. And now from all the thought process I realized that I can’t live like an animal in between humans. But I made up my mind that among these 7.8 billion humans there are a plenty of works where we can earn.

There will be someplace for me too in this large place. I am not going to waste my life. I haven’t seen anything yet. It is my right to live in this world.

Yes, there exists an another love in every love failure’s life. Yes, there exists an another opportunity in everyone’s life. Yes, there exists someone counting on you. Yes, there exists a world u never expected. Yes, we only live once. Yes, suicide must not be an option.

——– By Mahendra

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2 thoughts on “YOLO – You Only Live Once !!!

  1. Inspiring story, in fact, an ongoing tale for many.
    Thank you for sharing. Mahendra, did a great job!!

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