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Alpha Creatorz

Alpha Creatorz is an influencer Social Marketing company that helps influencers to grow and become more effective. They are just not a partner or platform and also known for their social work as well.

There is no cost or fees to join the social program for crowd funding community. As of now they are running a awareness campaign for COVID. This sounds very interesting right, that you can get the amazing poster of COVID-19 by submitting Rs.100.

During this pandemic time they are helping poor people to provide them masks, food, Sanitizers, etc to people who cannot afford these things due to Country lockdown.

For every ₹100 each that you pay, they share ₹80 for social cause and ₹20 for every poster edit. As we all know that now a days people are charging Rs.300 for every poster making but now this is somewhat different with this Alpha Creatorz.

Most important thing is that, no other crowdfunding community helps to drive in donating and improve their day-to-day performance on the ground. Do join them and use the hashtag #fightcovidAC.

For orders – it is very simple, just follow them in Instagram and message them directly. https://instagram.com/alpha_creatorz?igshid=1unynoesypoz5

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  1. Thank you so much bhai for this…

    Seriously I still can’t believe you have done this …. Thank you soooooooo muchhhhhh .

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