Story of a warrior – who fought with Corona !!!

It was on 13-03-2020, we just finished our internal examination in Paris and suddenly medical emergency is declared by the French Government due to the increase of cases day by day. Indian Government created an opportunity by allotting special fights to bring back the people who are stuck in prone countries as a part of “Vande Bharath Mission”. The cases were increasing at exponential rate day by day and our parents are really worried about our situation back in India.

So, I along with couple of friends decided to fly back to India on 15-03-2020 2100 (21:00) hours. We reached Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi on the next day 900 (9:00) hours. After reaching the airport, the authorities asked us to handover our passports and line-up for a thermal screening. This took couple of hours and so, my connecting flight to Hyderabad is missed. We requested to re-schedule our connectivity tickets at the kiosk, since there is no delay from our side they intimated us that, it would be done once we complete with our screening procedures.

We were partitioned into a group of 15 people and allotted batches for screening. We maintained physical distance to each other and practiced all the sanitation tips that were issued by the airport authority. The total screening procedure took around ten hours. Gracefully, no one were detected with thermal scanning neither none of them showed any symptoms. So, we were asked to sign a self-declaration form mentioning that we shall stay in home as a part of quarantine for the next 14 days.

Later, we were allotted with our re-scheduled tickets to Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad the next day -i.e- 17-03-2020 10:00 hours. I reached Hyderabad at 12:05 hours and hired a private cab to drive back home to Vijayawada. Since I know the situation prevailing outside, I refused to get down anywhere even to have my refreshers in the entire journey of seven hours. And it was a tiring journey from the past two days, completely rested in the cab.

Finally after a hectic journey, I reached home on 17-03-2020 19:00 hours. Even though I was very anxious to see my parents and hug them, I controlled myself doing that to them sticking to the point of being quarantined for next 14 days. I started living in a separate room utilizing my personal space and doing all the things on my own.  The next day after I reached home at 9:00 hours, a government volunteer came to our house mentioning that they got information from airport authority that I was a foreign returnee and to have a surveillance on me. She told all the guidelines and necessary preventive steps to have a safe path. She gave the details of a municipal doctor and asked me to not hesitate in contacting him for help and assistance if there are any traces of symptoms. 

Two days later, on 19-03-2020 23:00 hours, I started feeling a bit feverish. Slowly, from time to time, my body temperature started raising up. Generally, I won’t be hit with high temperatures and doubted on it. Firstly I thought it might be fatigue as I travelled long with all stress. But later I thought it is better not to neglect this as it sighted to be a covid-19 symptom. Soon I texted the doctor regarding this, he responded within no time and insisted me to check the reading on the thermometer of my body temperature. It was showed up to be 102.8 Fahrenheit. He sent the medical rapid force by the next two hours and requested me to co-operate with them in admitting to hospital for a check-up.

Later on I was moved to the Vijayawada – Government General Hospital (GGH) and the management filed all my details and took my swabs to check traces of Covid-19 virus. The two swabs are namely one from the throat and one from nostril. Few government officials started ringing me up and took all the details regarding my travel, my stay in Paris and my family details. There were hundreds of calls and thousands of messages that hit me and my parents. Some to consolidate me and other with a striking voice of abnormal enquiries as if I did an intolerable crime. Finally after two days, results came and I was tested positive. The management directly did not intimate that for the reason it would lower my emotional stability.

As soon as my result is out, the hospital authorities and government officials insisted my parents to get checked too even though I was isolated in a separate room. They shifted my parents to the hospital and collected the sample of them too as they did it to me. My parents requested the authorities to place them in the same room where I was isolated, in which it was refused by them clarifying that it would be a risk for them if they are ought to be tested negative. Later they understood the intention of my parents to see me and were allotted with the opposite room to mine.

That day was the most happiest in our whole journey. We could see each other by the windows of our rooms. The next day my parent’s results were out claiming to be negative. The hospital management decided to send them back insisting them for a 14 day quarantine. My parent’s face seemed to be complexed because they actually did not know if they could be happy for being tested negative or be sad for leaving me. All the emotions apart, I felt very happy and relaxed as soon as I came to know that they were tested negative and they can go back home.

My emotional status enriched by tones of times than earlier. Now I am ready to battle with this pandemic. I started reading various articles on nutrition, building immunity and stabilizing emotions. Most of the content spoke that, medication alone is not enough to through this virus out of the body. There is something beyond that should be done to get out of this. Nutrition, Self-confidence, motivation, positiveness and energizing my body.

Keeping these in mind, initially I started this battle against this pandemic alone. Some media started taunting me and my family, couple of them with a good intention conveying their regards for my recovery and others striking as if I did a crime. Some government officials greeted me and appreciated me for breaking the chain by taking preventive measures and was not responsible in spreading the virus to my parents too. It was a great relief that at least someone recognized and appreciated me. I urged the media behaviour to them after which they suggested me to make a video of series of events that took place in my journey by speaking so strong that there is no fault from my side in fact I was responsible in breaking the chain.

In the same way, I made a video mentioning all the points and seeking for their emotional support, which was very much important at that time. That video has gone viral, till then the videos of patients suffering from virus made the public to panic and it was the first video out to the public that an infected person urging the public for their support out of pain and not to taunt them. And from then they responded exceptionally well by sending their regards for my recovery.

And coming to the nutrition and diet, the kind of medication that is used, weakens the body. So, we need to have a very strong diet plan. I took Vitamin and Protein rich food in order to regain my immunity. This includes eggs, fruits, green leafy vegetables, dal and dry fruits included in my diet. I also took a good quantity of liquids which include water, buttermilk and Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS). The reason behind gaining back my immunity is intake of Vitamin-C rich food such as lemon, ginger, oranges, etc.…

It was on my fifth day of Isolation, my body temperature came to control and doctors traced it to be a good sign of fighting back with virus. On the seventh day of Isolation, my body was so weak that I couldn’t even put few steps. I was suggested to take ORS after which I was able to regain my energy. From the ninth day, I was totally fine and requested the medical team for my clearance and let me go home. They told me that it is not a good idea and clarified that traces of virus shall stay in the body for 14 days.

Finally I could wait for 14 days, after which they again took two samples on two consecutive days -i.e. the fourteenth day at end of the course of medication and the fifteenth day without having any medication. It was only because of the Namaz, Prayers and Pooja of my friends, well-wishers and my family members that pushed me out of this disease.

I conclude by saying, we need to isolate ourselves until we were exposed to the virus, but once we found that some symptoms of this virus are hitting up, we should not hesitate for medical emergency. I recommend everyone to have a proper vitamin and protein rich diet plan to stay healthy and happy. We can send this virus only by following Sanitation – Masking – Social-Distancing.

I thank each and every one from the Sanitation Department for keeping my premises clean, Doctors and Medical team for having a regular surveillance, my Family members and well-wishers for boosting up my emotional strength.

Thank you one and all

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3 thoughts on “Story of a warrior – who fought with Corona !!!

  1. His experience is really inspiring. Thank you for sharing. Reading these types of articles gives hope and encouragement.

  2. The role that media plays is very crucial especially during these tough times. One must realize that getting sick is not a crime. Everyone gets sick and it is by no means their fault. Very bad on those media outlets that preys on the sick and the weak for their content viewership. Rather than alleviating the situation and the emotional trauma that you are in, they put you in a dire situation by throwing taunts at you, which in turn puts them in a poor light.

    Kudos to your parents, friends and family for staying strong and helping you get through this situation. And more power to people like you for dealing with the situation, recovering from your ailment, coming out to educate and support other people who are in the same situation as you were. Cheers!

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