Inspiring Story – A Man Behind TiwaryToons

Everyone has something or the other hidden deep inside him which is gifted by God. A talent, skill or habits that are different from others. People usually end up compromising with their inner talent. I cannot say that, I am a gifted painter or a writer. But I can say that I have a special corner in my heart for them. And the most important thing is I can proudly say that I will try my best to improve my skills despite people not paying attention to it.

Now as my story goes on Tiwarytoons I have just started drawing as a hobby. And then I found interest in drawing these things. Although it was like I drew like a beginner – similar to what 6th, 7th class kids would have drawn. I always drew them for myself, if I am happy with anything that I draw is great. But the passion grew and I explored different styles and tried them out. I never did it in a very customized way just drew randomly on bits of paper, bus tickets train tickets and found that I had a collection.

During my college days I always wished to do something different and I had it. I am still working slowly towards my big goal that is having my own art gallery. Tiwarytoons where I can showcase all of my favorite work. The most important thing to have is friends when you do anything, and the right set of friends would be a big boon. I have a small bunch of people who appreciate me but still I am not bothered. I know one day I will be able to make it to my dreams.

People around me are the ones that I get inspired from because they give me a lot of suggestions or feedback where I can work to improve. Working sometimes will be hectic because professionally it is quite difficult to have everything tuned finely around you. But still I am working and will work on everything. The passion about my writing and cartooning made me feel like I need a platform to showcase what I have done.

So I tried to learn social media optimization and search engine optimization, now when I open Google and search Tiwarytoons a moment of happiness comes by seeing my work on Google. So the simple thing that I would like to end up with is that you are gifted. Just you need to identify what you are gifted with and work on that. Even if you are not sure try out different things and you will end up with the best part of you.

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1 thought on “Inspiring Story – A Man Behind TiwaryToons

  1. Its really good to see tiwarytoons being published on this platform. I must say he is very inspiring. I still remember showing my drawings to Ankit bhaiya in 2014 and the way he praised and encouraged me, it always drives me towards my passion. so glad to see this post.

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