An inside story

Out of all those sleepless nights, wearied brains is it just the number that all matters!
She sensed the obscene voices approaching her protruding from the concrete walls…
“You are freaking 25!!”
“Look at Arun’s salary figure!!”
“Teena and Kevin are tying the knot in this weekend!!”
“You look skinny yet!!”
Tired dancing to the tunes of the society, she made persistent attempts to bring herself out from that messy morass.

With the dense feeling in her head, she tried shushing these voices beyond her capacities and realized that they could be never mute.

“We got to live with it. Don’t we!!”
Days are passing by but her situation didn’t get any better…

All these melancholic feelings lead her to desolation.

Being left with a heavy heart, she silenced all of her screams and chose her content way of relieving her emotions by penning down the voice of her soul.

As the night opens the doors of her mind, she has been involved in pensive thoughts and ended up quoting her healing psyche.

In the midst of the darkness, she noticed a shimmering star in the sky.

She sighed! Why don’t stars shine during daylight but in the night!

Well! Stars are not vulnerable to darkness rather they are appreciated in darkness.

Collaterally, one can’t acknowledge his/her capabilities and shine unless he/she is in a bad stitch.

So looking in the mirror, she said to herself, “Shine from within, your inner strength lies in powering up your soul irrespective of the objectionable circumstances.”

Edited/ Reviewed By: Tejaswini ( Content Developer & MA in Linguistics)

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