Free Microsoft Azure Course Subscription

“Not all storms come to disrupt your life. Some come to clear your path”

We all know that the cloud is everywhere now, not only in the sky but also in technology. Here is an opportunity from Pluralsight, where it is providing the Microsoft Azure course subscription for free. Please find the below mentioned link and register yourself now in this pandemic situation and excel your knowledge in each and every corner.

We have also mentioned the different roles present in subscription course, my favourite one is the Solutions Architect role. This knowledge also helps us at the time of job search as an eye catching to the recruiter. If you need practical knowledge along with the theory then get started with 12 months of free limited services from Microsoft Azure Free Account

Visit Now: Pluralsight

  • Microsoft Azure Administrator
  • Microsoft Azure Developer
  • Microsoft Azure Solution Architect
  • Microsoft Azure AI Engineer
  • Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer
  • Microsoft Azure Data Engineer
  • Microsoft Azure Data Scientist
  • Microsoft Azure Security Engineer

Remember!! “An investment in knowledge pays the best result”. All the best. Hope this article is helpful. We will keep sharing the information 🙂

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