The Dark Web

The internet we use is a very vast network of networks which contain information and a lot variety of other stuff including data codes and things that might be irrelevant for general users. What we know of it – is the amount of information our browser allows us to browse on. So, if you are trying to explore the whole internet using the Google Chrome or any of other browser you may not be able to do so.

Talking about Google Chrome, it is very specific about the browsing experience and protects the users from any form of malpractices or from the unsafe websites. It is concerned about safe browsing and prevents you from being in contact with any sites that might be harmful or threatening to you.

So here comes the term that gives you a better idea of what the other part of internet is about. Yes, the dark web which is also known as black web or black net. As a user you can access all the stuff that you are blocked from using on Chrome or other browsers. Since different countries have different browsing restrictions and different set of rules for internet users so many sites are banned in different regions. But you can access those sites using dark web.

Dark web is using .onion domain for their sites. Now as the layers of onion peel dark web too uses layers of nodes containing information. Here your identity is anonymous and all the sites that you are browsing are anonymous too. These onion domains are visible only with secure and advanced browser.

There is a browser called TOR the onion router which is a modified version of Mozilla. This will direct you to the world of dark web, there are some other browsers too but TOR is the favorite amongst people. Using this you can have an access to the different research journals and information that are unavailable on general browsers. It also has a hidden Wikipedia that provides you with trading data and data dump of various credit cards.

One may think that it is illegal, but I generally feel like it depends on the way how you use it. And even if you are trying to use TOR browser and don’t know exactly about the sites where to land on, then it is of no use. That means you can’t even do anything if you are on TOR browser. So you are safe but it is not advisable to use dark web.

There may be legal consequences of using dark web because it is the area where the authorities are helpless. As there are anonymous users using anonymous sites, the authorities are unable to trace your credentials.

Dark web is very commonly used by people for negative actions more than the positive ones. Usually dark web is used in betting, hacking, terror related activities and pornography. And hence, it is not advisable to use and termed as illegal in different regions.

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