They are scary! They are terrifying!

Who are they?

“They” are the feelings inside our mind.

Fear, Negativity, Insecurity, Possessiveness, Depression and many more.

They seem so real in light and dark. They haunt, crumple and eat us up

With several stages of life, they consume us so much that we started to live with them. How?

We often share about them, feel them, crack jokes and continue to live with them. In this time, anyone
who says about positivity seems to be great, eyes sparkle thinking it so be something rare!

How do we deal with them? We think! Overthink! Cry! Develop anger issues with them.

What does it cost?

Loosing people around us, sadness, mental issues and everything that let us down.
Why does crying, once used to be pain, starts to give us pleasure? Why crying seems to be so satisfying? Is it because we are letting out grief? Or got used to it?

Why is there even so much pain inside us? Loosing loved ones? Constant failing in life? Experiencing the unexpected? Or everything…?

We often end up utilizing 99% of time keeping us occupied. Work, social media, basic chores. Why?
Is it because of being afraid of silence? Fear of tears falling from eyes without our notice?

Feeling these emotions, a boon or bane? The pain seems to be never ending. The haunting of past
doesn’t stop. The fear of future never reduces.

Are we even normal anymore? Are we even happy at all? Or are we just pretending to be happy?

Why does it feel dead dark all of a sudden, just at any point of the day? We often come across people like us every day. Do all of us need help? Why becoming happy seems to be so difficult?

Out of all this darkness, what keeps us living? Is it Ray of Hope? Family and Friends? Those little happy
moments of life? And may be everything?

Drop in your thoughts in comments section!

Edited/ Reviewed By: Tejaswini (MA in Linguistics)

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