Do You Know The Unknown Duo ?

Though Madri was married to Panduraja, Nakula and Sahadeva were born to Ashwini kumaras, the twin Vedic gods of medicine. It was due to the sin imposed during the birth of Panduraja that he cannot give birth to anyone and if he tries that would lead to his death. The name Nakula means – Most Handsome and Sahadeva means – With God. They were born as the two skilled warriors.

  • Love For Animals:

Both Nakula and Sahadeva had an immense love for animals while Nakula loved horses in particular and where Sahadeva was great with cattle. It was believed that both of them could understand and communicate with animals. Due to their abilities, they disguised stable boys in the Kingdom of Virata. It was also known that cows used to give more milk and horses were healthier and faster under their maintenance.

  • Astrology and Ayurveda:

Being the sons of Physician – Ashwini, it was quite obvious that they were expert in Astrology and Ayurveda. Sahadeva was amazing at Astrology and could foresee the future, hence approached by Duryodhana himself for an auspicious day for Kurukshetra. Nakula knew how to heal wounds and bones of all the living creatures. It was believed that healing process was quick when medicines were administered by them.

  • Their Presence in Kurukshetra:

Nakula’s battle cone was called Sughosh and that of Sahadeva’s was called Manipushpa. Nakula was an excellent sword’s men while Sahadeva loved dealing with an axe. On the 18th day of the war, Nakula defeated the last general of Kauravas – King Shalya. As King Shalya was his own uncle, he couldn’t kill him further and then King Yudhishthira killed Shalya with a heavy heart. Sahadeva took an oath to kill Shakuni because of an incident after Draupadi was publicly humiliated during the game of dice.

  • Advisory and Army chief in King Yudhishthira’s court:

Nakula could ride a horse with a speed where he could dodge rain drops. He was also a highly skilled charioteer and also a skilled diplomat. He was the chief of Yudhishthira’s army. Sahadeva was considered to be the most intelligent person among the Pandavas. He was a master in Medicine, Astrology, Vedas, Administration, Politics and Humanity. He was also Yudhishthira’ personal advisor.

  • Devotion to Lord Krishna:

Although all the Pandavas were considered to be their saviour, Sahadeva’s devotion towards Lord Krishna stood apart. Once all the Pandavas challenged amongst themselves on tying up Lord Krishna at one place. Everyone failed including Arjuna, but was succeeded only by Sahadeva which was later clarified by Lord Krishna that everyone believed their own talent but it’s only Sahadeva – who believed his devotion on me. He prayed to Lord Krishna selflessly and hence Lord Krishna was bonded by his devotion.

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