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Borra Caves

Borra Caves are located in the east coast of India, which are in ananthagiri hills of araku Valley. These caves are one of the largest among the country with 2313 feet (705m) in height.

These caves were discovered in 1807, by William King George representing the Geological Survey of India. There are many tribal people like Nookadora, Valmiki, Pitha and Kondadors who inhabits near the caves after its discovery.

Guided tours for a day trip to the Borra caves covers the interesting places like Araku valley, Tyada railway station, Damuku view point etc.. An information board is placed near the entry point and surroundings of the caves for the benefits of the visitors.

The araku valley is 29km from the Borra caves which is also a tourist attraction. November and December is the best time to visit the caves and surrounding places.

There was a story about, how did a cow found lord shiva. One day a cow was grazing on the top of the caves, then suddenly it got slipped and dropped about 200ft through the hole on the roof. When the cowherd is searching for it, he found a stone inside the caves which resembles the lingam, than he thought the lord shiva protected the cow somehow.

The tribal people after listening this story, they believed it and built a small temple for lord shiva outside the cave. From then more people started visiting the caves and temple to get the glimpse of that lingam.

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