It was 7 am in the morning and I wondered when was the last time I actually woke up at 4 am and that too to visit a temple at this early hour with an empty stomach and take a rendezvous around the temple like a spaceship waiting at space station for the docking window. 

On top of that, Mr. Sun has decided to visit early and torture me further with his scorching rays. 

Amidst the hassle, the only thing that prompted me to continue with this holy journey is her heart-warming smile. I was accompanied by this classy woman and she is none other than my beloved wife. And this entire yantra is a part of the tradition especially for the newlyweds to take a detour of pilgrimages. Ugh! They call it a “tradition”. And, I call it a pain! 

My God, how could she be so energetic! She was involved in relentless chanting of Sanskrit slokas and thrashing coconuts for each round. I was totally in awe of her dragging myself and adjusting my dhoti. Sorry god! I was starving and can’t stop myself imagining the slurping of hot idli, vada with sambar.

In the midst of these thoughts, my eyes caught a glimpse of her navel. I was stealthily watching and enjoying the view. Oops! These women have eyes even in the back of their heads. She spotted me and said “no” by wiggling her index finger without even turning around. So, I averted my eyes like nothing happened and delved into my craving thoughts of idli and sambar. 

All of a sudden, she halted and turned around. For a moment, I was little scared that she might taunt me for my irreverence. But she walked towards the giant bell and has rung it in such a way that the whole city is going to startle in its sleep.

And, here it comes “The Gods must be crazy” moment. After the harathi in puja ritual, priest walked in with the prasada. He looked like a god’s messenger and I swiftly extended my hand towards him just like any random child who would be excited for extra candies at birthday parties.

She sighed, oh no! mocked me like my mom and whispered “people are watching”. I shrugged and had that prasada to the fullest. Also, I ended up eating her ration too.

We found a place nearby to sit and she took a deep breath and heaved a sigh of relief and adjusted her saree a little. I was totally amazed by her patience and wondered how do women so effortlessly carry their saree stuff like a warrior would on a war front! 

She was sweating profusely, wind has stopped and apparently there was no fan nearby. So, I extended my hand and cleared her face with my kanduva and kissed her on forehead. She shied away with a smile and whispered, no PDA, people are watching!

I pulled her closer to me, feeling her bosom and warmness of our breath engulfed us and I whispered “Let them envy, my angel is right in front of me.” 

She smiled, I smiled.

Edited/ Reviewed By: Tejaswini (MA in Linguistics)

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