Equilibrate your work-life

Everyone is fast-paced and seems like running a race which is directionless. But when it is closely monitored, people are running after money. Making money is highly prioritized over any other things in their life. We do each and every task which is money-centered.

Although work and life go side by side, they are somehow related to each other. Even if you try not to mix both of them, at some point or other they tend to be jumbled.

How would this combination cause you a problem?

Till the time you are enjoying your work, you will not face any consequences in your life and it goes on smoothly. But as soon as you start disliking your work, the pressure mounts up.

And, this pressure causes a total havoc and chaos in the life. You tend to have sleepless nights and appetite loss. Tension and frustration take their heavy toll on your mental life.

One side, the heavy workloads and the failure in completing it haunt you and the other side, the cut-throat competition and job security with the market trends going on towards cost-cutting and laying off employees add woes to the scenario.

It not only complicates the lifestyle but also leads an individual towards the depression. And, in such cases he might suffer from addiction or attempts suicide to end up the work pressure.

How to tackle the situation?

This whole situation is unavoidable because it has to be faced at some point or the other. So, it would be better if we learn a few handy tricks to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

A. Taking things on your shirt

This is an instance where an arrogant boss mistreated with his employee and it seemed like he won’t return to the work next day. But next day he arrived with full confidence and a smiling face. When his colleague asked about yesterday’s incident, he firmly said, I took all the words on my shirt. The shirt is washed and so are the words.

B. Taking things on stride

If you are positive-minded then it’s quite obvious that you won’t be having a problem in balancing your work-life. Because you will take everything as an opportunity to grow and it ultimately ushers you to the success.

C. Developing hobbies to ease out tension

There are many hobbies that keeps you relieved.

  • Listening to your favourite music
  • Practicing art 
  • Feeding stray dogs
  • Taking care of saplings, etc.,

They help in easing out the stress and soothe your soul.

D. Yoga and meditation

Meditation and yoga are quite essential to the life and your body. They act like a tranquilizer in reducing your pressure and further help in relaxation of your body and mind.

E. Friends and family support

Talk to your family and friends, more often. Share your lifestyle and issues with them. They would definitely assist and support you in times of hardships and distress.

Try to implement these tricks for a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Edited/ Reviewed By: Tejaswini (MA in Linguistics)

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