Overthinking To Superthinking

I would like to start sharing my views on the subject of overthinking by giving a disclaimer. The views presented in this article are just set of personal observations and shall not be considered as a professional opinion.

I am not a qualified psychiatrist/ psychologist. Any resemblance to any other published work is purely co-incidental. I am sharing my experiences on the subject of overthinking and in a hope that some readers would find it relatable and it might help them handle their overthinking.

For a while now I have noticed many people around me (especially youngsters) calling themselves as an over thinker. Most of them consider it as a curse and try to get rid of it. Honestly, even I would describe myself as an over thinker. That’s why I can relate to the problems other face.

For an instance, whenever you try to tell your thoughts to someone you receive a very common response- “Do not think so much”, which can be very annoying, because if it was in my hands I wouldn’t.

So, to all those over thinkers who consider it as a problem and who don’t get an appropriate response, let me start by saying that there is nothing wrong with overthinking. I am not here to give you a solution on how to stop overthinking, instead I am going to give you a perspective.

I intend to show you another side of overthinking, how I tackle it and what is my process to tackle it. I hope it would help you understand your thought process and subsequently help you not only control your overthinking but also use it as an asset.

From my personal experience I can say that overthinking is usually caused by different situations. For instance, you tend to overthink when you have a lot of free time, or when you feel lonely or even stressed. To prove this, think of the opposite scenarios – when you are busy with some activity, or when you are with your family and friends – you won’t be overthinking in these times. This shows that overthinking has a pattern, It occurs in certain situations due to certain reasons.

Some of the effects of overthinking is that, I have noticed in myself and in most youngsters include anxiety, paranoia, insomnia and difficulty in focusing. With the amount of exposure to multimedia (photos and videos) via social media platforms it is bound to happen.

We constantly need some distractions and we are lacking the patience to be with our own thoughts. That is why we tend to look at overthinking as a villain hurting us and want to get rid of it. Allow me to show you the positive side of it and how I am trying everyday to use my overthinking for my benefit and why I prefer to call it “super-thinking”.

To Be Continued…

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5 thoughts on “Overthinking To Superthinking

  1. Very well written.
    Overthinking is definitely a problem for many (Including me). I have read about stopping/ avoiding the thought process, but this is the first time, I read about accepting it. Waiting for the continuation part. 🙂

  2. This might be a very different approach to look at overthinking! looking forward to the next post to understand it more in detail.

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