Top Places To Visit In Lonavala

Part 1 – Forts, Caves and Temples

Lonavala, when you listen this name a strange urge to go to the Deccan plateau comes in mind. It is a famous tourist attraction and fondly called as the Queen of Caves, also a well-known attraction for trekkers, photographers, nature lovers and religious people.

Location: Lonavala is located in Western part of Maharashtra. It lies between Pune and Mumbai. So even if you are traveling between these two cities you will be able to have a little glimpse of this amazing place.

How To Reach: Lonavala is having a good connectivity with railways and roadways as it is located between two popular cities Pune and Mumbai. So, one can easily go to Lonavala either from Mumbai or from Pune based on your own choice.

Best Time To Visit: If you want to enjoy the perfect beauty, I would recommend you to visit between July and October. At the onset of the monsoon in July this place is full with lush green grass, would be soothing to eye. A feel of cloud touching your body at different places will be a wonderful feeling. If you visit at the end of monsoon season you will find a variety of wild flowers blooming around to provide you a perfect photo session opportunity.

If you have the opportunity to visit here in monsoon then the streams falling out from mountain ranges will give you a mini waterfall to have fun. And do remember to taste the famous chikki which is indigenous bar of energy available in different flavours. Since lot of tourists visit here so you can find a lot of places to stay and varieties of cuisine.

Now, there are so many places to visit when you are here and I don’t want to omit any of them, so I would like to list them on the category basis. Maharashtra being the home of the famous Marathas from the Indian history, gives you a number of famous forts to visit around. Today the children around the cities of Maharashtra make small forts or killas on Diwali that gives a picture of the fort making heritage that is being carried out through the generations.

Lohagadh Fort: This fort is a home to trekking enthusiast and history learners. It is an example of glorious designing and also a beautiful hill range surrounded by waterfalls and valleys. This is one of the most visited forts in Lonavala.

Rajmachi Fort: This fort is one of the most visited Historical forts which lie on the Shahyadri Mountain. It is the home to twin forts named Shriwardhan Ballekilla and Manaranjan Balekilla. The two forts are encircled by a wide Mach i.e. plateau and a lot of nature lovers, adventure junkies, campers and picnic enthusiasts. People like to visit here during the Monsoon season to have a glimpse of green colour meadows on mountains covered with mist and silvery waterfalls.

Visapur Fort: It is situated in Malvali and was built by Peshwa of Maratha Empire in 17th century. There is an ancient temple in the fort and surrounding areas presents a magnificent view around.

Tikona Fort: It is called Tikona due to its triangular shape and it is located on the top of mountains from where you can have a glimpse of the beautiful area around.

Karla caves: Karla caves are the group of some oldest Buddhist caves in India. They are on a rocky hills dating back around 2nd century BC. These caves are divided into halls and monasteries and serves as a pilgrimage place for many Buddhist tourists around.

Bhaja Caves: These caves are the oldest caves found in the country many stupas with intricate carvings and serve as a famous Buddhist pilgrim place. There is a small waterfall around this cave which enhances your experience of visiting here.

Ekvira Devi Temple: This temple is situated near to Karla and Bhaja caves. This temple is dedicated to Ekvira devi, the local worshipped goddess for fishermen around here. There are almost 200 steps which leads to this temple and going there gives you a trekking experience alongside.

Bhairavnath Temple: This is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva’s incarnation. This temple has marvelous Konkan architecture and people gather here during the Mahashivratri festival each year.

There are even more lots of small forts, caves and temples that would draw your attention too when you land here. The region has a wide attraction for trekkers, historians, architects, religious people and photographers. You may also have a glimpse of various wildlife and birds around. Stay Tuned for more interesting stories like this.

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