Love And War

There is no need of war to be loved, but we need love to stop the war.

It is a small fictional love story of two strangers who met in a party. Saranya was thinking to tease a guy over phone. She remembered well, how he scolded her three days ago when they met eachother and recollected what happened on that day.

Early -> Saranya started liking Sampath when she met him casually in a party. She was told that he is a 4th year medico and how smart and good looking he was. All her friends and seniors have a special corner for him in their heart. Saranya’s best friend and her senior Parvathi was deeply in LOVE with Sampath and asked Saranya to help her. She thought she can help and Spoke to him three days ago regarding this topic.

Conversation Three Days Ago

Saranaya: Hi Sampath, This is Saranya…Pravathi‘s friend.

Samapth: Hi, Yes tell me.

Saranya: Need to talk with u about Parvathi, can I ?

Sampath: I am little busy, can you wind up quickly ?

Saranya: Parvathi is in deep love with you and feeling shy to express it. She is very good and becoming weak as she was unable to express it to u. So I took an initiation to let u know about this. I am sorry if I was interfering in your personal matter.

Sampath: Oh really, do you think so. Are you doing some social service or any mediator works.

Saranaya: Stupid, u guys are really uff ….

Sampath: Mind your own language and leave.

Saranya thought that she is a fool to like that guy and was ready to teach him a lesson

She called Sampath from another number which she never used with an identity as (Prakruthee). She started teasing him and as her voice was so sweet and romantic even Sampath was unable to ignore her call and started to think about her. Now Sampath started to like Prakruthee and he cannot spend his day without speaking to her over mobile.

Sampath wants to meet Prakruthee and express his love or interest towards her. But Saranya determined not to meet him. But Unluckily heart will never listen to us.

As Parvathi and Sampath were from the same town and as well as relatives too, one weekend Samapth called Parvathi and asked if she wants to join him to the village along with him in his car. Parvathi accepted immediately and she don’t want to tell this this to Saranya. But she also knows that Sampath will tell to Prakruthee about this so she already informed her.

When Prakruthee (Saranya) heard about this – Click here for the Part-2

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