Love And War (Part-2)

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When Prakruthee (Saranya) heard about this, she just told Parvathi to express everything and try to get a conclusion about her love.

It was a Friday evening 3:30 PM, Sampath came to Parvathi’s hostel and from there they have started their journey. Sampath started asking about her studies, so Parvathi decided to tell everything and also about the call too. She told how she started to love him from her childhood and never thought anything other than that. He smiled and replied that he already knew it. But he couldn’t answer to her as he was in a bit confusion. It was 7 p.m. and they reached their village.

Next day on Saturday – Sampath and Parvathi’s Family had a gathering and raised a conversation about Parvathi and Sampath’s marriage. He was in an extreme shock and couldn’t answer anything. Parvathi was in top of the sky and immediately called Saranya to tell about the proposal. Even Saranya got shocked and didn’t utter a word. She conveyed her regards and dropped the call. Sampath was calling Saranya but no response came from her. Sampath wants to tell Parvathi regarding this but the words moved to silence.

So the day passed to Sunday evening they returned to the city and Parvathi expressed that she was the happiest girl in the whole world, But Sampath told he was not at all sure about the proposal and needs some time. Suddenly he received a call from Prakruthee (Saranya), he totally forgot that Parvathi was with him and started to shout Prakruthee name and got excited. She conveyed that she wants to meet him, now she wanted to find out whether he have same feelings towards her. He was excited but left Parvathi in a puzzle and now it’s Sampath who have to tell about the unknown calls from the girl to her.

Saranya’s plan was success as Parvathi told her that Sampath loves Prakruthee and how excited to meet her. Saranya was thinking how to convince her friend about her Love and how to turn out Parvathi’s mind. She wants to make a clear path for her life with Sampath without hurting any feelings of Parvathi. One of Saranya’s best friend Anil likes Parvathi for her shyness and simplicity. So she planned to make use of this.

She wanted to make Sampath mad of her and stopped calling him. Parvathi was in depression, Saranya meets Parvathi and forced her to come out to dinner with her, she also invited Anil for the same. There she started to praise the qualities of Anil and revealed the conversation with Sampath how he misbehaved with her when she tried to tell about Parvathi’s Love towards him.

She even added that in spite of knowing Parvathi‘s love how he ignored her. Saranya successfully sowed a seed of poison in Parvathi’s mind but Parvathi couldn’t accept the fact. Meanwhile Parvathi was suffering with typhoid and admitted in a hospital. Saranya forces Anil to visit Parvathi regularly. Poor Sampath whenever he plans to visit hospital, he gets a call from Prakruthee.

Finally Parvathi realizes that Anil loves her and Sampath never wanted her in his Life. She tried but her heart was unable to accept the fact. Saranya thought to meet Sampath and tell everything. She requests Anil to care of Parvathi and asks Sampath to meet her. When Sampath meets her he got shocked knowing that Saranya was Prakruthee. Saranya started to talk, I am sorry that I spoke to you with a different identity, I just wanted to tease you as you insulted me earlier. But later while talking to you as Prakruthee, I started to like and love you more than anything.

Sampath was listening and he liked her due to boldness and dare. Her sleepy and naughty eyes always made him mad. Now he is happy to know that Saranya and Prakruthee are same. But his parent’s decision and Situation looked like puzzles to him but not for Saranya. She stops going to hospital and requests Anil to take care of Parvathi till her Parents come. (Parvathi’s Parents were on a holy trip).

Soon Parvathi finds how Anil loves and cares about her and accepted that Sampath never loved her. Now Saranya’s plan is that Parvathi should never know that Prakruthee and Saranya were same. So she requests Sampath to stop telling about Prakruthee and slowly in due time Parvathi forgot about her. One day Saranya conveys to Parvathi that she started liking Sampath and wants to propose him.

Finally the two marriages were fixed and decided to celebrate once they complete with their Studies. Everything is fair in Love and War.

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